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In-House Agency Consultants who help eliminate inefficient and frustrating obstacles that interfere with high-quality, effective creative execution.

In-House Agency Consultants who help eliminate inefficient and frustrating obstacles that interfere with high quality, effective creative executions

What We Offer

Our Signature Approach

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As in-house agency consultants, our unique ability to get to the root cause of creative marketing execution challenges will drive better process and eliminate wasted time and money.

We optimize creative operations, streamline the creative execution process, and anticipate challenges to eliminate common problems in creative execution.

Our Clients

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“Blum has been integral in helping our in-house ad agency at Dell drive positive change within our group and also with our marketing department as a whole. Their initial engagement with us led to several subsequent extensions because their discovery process uncovered so many numerous opportunities for growth and change. Our continued partnership helps us drive forward an agenda we didn’t think possible two years ago.”

Brent Holt

Head of Production Dell Blue


“Although our internal creative organization was well established and producing a tremendous volume of projects, we needed to get under the surface to uncover inefficiencies and opportunities that would help us understand our barriers to a better overall project management process and higher designer/project owner satisfaction. Blum’s style and approach to talking to stakeholders both at the executive and field level was integral to the discovery and along with their expertise in design process and production, really put everyone at ease to be open and focus on the end goal. With so much passion and opinion within the creative ecosystem of any organization, sometimes you need an independent third party to elimination that emotional aspect. I highly recommend Blum to any company looking to go through a similar exercise.”

David Fortin

 SVP Marketing & Business Development House of Blues